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good horror



This game got me a lot of times i was screaming so loud lol

can you please explain the lore behind the game? i can't understand the ending


Interesting game! It's a bit challenging for me since you have to start all over when you get caught...


my jurney through this game continues!


I'm a bit late oh man what a game.Good job!


Terrifying Game! Hard to beat if your a noob like me!


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hello Nekoromorph, i made a video, some screenshots and a GIF.

It is not letting me play I need my money back.

Thank you for your comment. Can you please contact support?


Huge disappointment with the game, bought it to try it out on my channel, was hoping it would be fun and ended up quiting the game because of the way the developer thought about the saving mechanics

You play hide and seek with the computer that comes to you instantly once you try to complete the task given, and after working hard to complete it, the game doesn't automatically save, you end up getting caught and you have to start it all over again

I understand the computer knows exactly where you are and hunts you down but I would've imagined that once you complete a task it would be logically to have an auto save so in case you die, you continue where you left off, instead you go 5-10 minutes behind and have to repeat it all over again. not fun at all


Thank you so much for playing and your feedback. It will be improved in the next version which will be released within 2 weeks.

What's the song in the end credits? It's fire.

i wanna know too! i’ve been trying to find the BGM for the longest time now.


Thank you for your comments. Here is the song.

and the song when aniki is in home?

This was amazing, terryfing and very enjoyable. Great work man!

Thank you so much. I'm really glad you played it to the end.

Hello! Nekoromorph! I don't have a credit card, so can I purchase with a gift card? The gift card can be Amazon,Google Play and other The minimum amount for a gift card is about 1500 yen, so I think you will have to pay 1500 yen, but I don't mind. I want to play this game!

Thank you for your comment. I'm very honored by such an offer, but the game will be released soon on Steam. You can purchase games on Steam without a credit card.

understand! Buy on Steam!


THIS GAME BROKE ME LOL! On a serious note this game just needs some tweaks and it would be genuinely TERRIFYING! The game is really hard, which I enjoy, but I feel it was a little too hard. For example, when she camps the objective and you have to run around for 5 minutes and slowly do the task little by little. That was really tedious. The game overall was scary and could be scarier with minor fixes! Keep up the great work!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

Thank you so much for your comment. That part will be improved in the next version.

bro this game is cursed, like look what it did to ya boi kaanDA freaking Ninja. its tough but I enjoyed it af

Thank you for playing this game. It was really fun to watch.

yeah 100% 

I watched coryxkenshin and the part where the bald person started chasing him got me especially when the player turned around and he was peaking good job 👏 I rarely get scared 

Thank you so much. I'm in the process of making the rest of it more scary.

coryxkenshin played your game!

I still can't believe it. I'm very grateful to everyone who played this game.

This was my first horror game I ever played on my channel. Im an apex youtuber with 4K subscribers but decided to try out a horror game and im glad i played it! Nice game you guys!

It's a great honor for me. Thank you so much.

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Hello, I can’t successfully purchase this game? I did not receive the email, please help me answer!

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Thank you for your comment. You might find this page useful.

I've never been so frustrated and afraid at the same time.  This was a lot of fun to play, and so intense that I had to give up lol. Great work! 

It was a nice edited video. Thank you for playing this game.

So I've played a lot of horror games, but NOTHING freaked me out as much as this game did. I really don't know what it was, but I was GENUINELY shook by this game. Check out my playthrough here!

Thank you for playing. It's so much fun to watch.

bro....i quit lol

It was a funny video. Thank you for playing.


So confused and scared throughout the entire game! What an amazing demo so far! Probably the most scared I’ve been in awhile! 

Thank you so much for playing. I'm glad to hear that.


can u give hatch for free!!Just for one day

Stop begging and go pirate games

hey, can you release HATCH on steam plz?


Thank you so much. I'm getting ready to release it on Steam.


I'm so excited thank you!!! 


hey can u plz give hatch for free!!Just for one day PLZZZ🙏🥺


It already released this game on steam yesterday.

It would be awesome if you add key binding to the game. I never played with wasd and it's a little hard to me to play like this.

 I'm really enjoying the game, good job!


Thank you so much. I'll try to implement it somehow.

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Will you upload on steam? I wanna buy it but i dont have Paypal :((

Thank you for your comment. I'll try to upload it to Steam.


Thank you so much for playing. It was a really fun video.



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o leo games ta jogando nao ta conseguindo  passar 

Obrigado pelo seu comentário. Você já experimentou a versão mais recente?

nao jogo esse jogo nao tenho como compra

esse jogo podia  ser mais facil  pra mimi usar mod menu ta hatch

ou pra  leo games ele ta sempre morrendo direto

desculpa nao consigo compra esse game

Obrigado por seu comentário. Ficaríamos gratos se você pudesse nos enviar seus dados por e-mail.

ja de convidei la blz no meu e-mail

sou youtuber

meu e-mail e

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Thx for Support Korean Localization !

Korean Streamer now playing this game.

Thanks for letting me know. I'm so glad to see the video. Thanks to Park Dae Sung for the Korean language support.

(3 edits)

I recommend the UI progress bar to display the full width (end of the meter showing the location of 100%) alongside with how much progress is being made when performing actions involving standing still, it is hard to tell where the end of the meter is to be at that would be marked “complete”:
no: ████
yes: ████░░░░░

Thank you for your feedback. You're right, this is much better.

(3 edits)

You welcome. Most games show 2 parts of the bar, how much and maximum.

Other games that don't show this are usually margin-centered to whatever it is placed within when 100%, assuming it fills from one end to the other and not from the center expanding both ways (edit: fixed image):

When progress bars lack showing its maximum and is centered within whatever it is on, its maximum is usually implied based on the edges around it.

Thank you for your help. So it is difficult to see the maximum value if the margin is too wide.

Agreed, when such UI are represented like this, the user can only approximate or guess where that maximum is at, especially if there are no reference to other on-screen UI to compare to.

Also, besides a continuous bar, when it comes to repeated icons like this (4/5):
the empty are shown as outlines, or as silhouettes in a similar way (4 filled + 1 empty = 5 total icons):

If it were numbers:

  • Every value displayed as digits are always distinct (even by a little), because it is based on symbols. It is also easy to remember the maximum if the max isn't displayed when the current value X is equal to max.
  • Percentage is pretty obvious of where is the maximum is.

Thank you for teaching me. You know a lot. I was missing the maximum value.

Do you have any plans to upload the game to Steam? (I used a translator😥😥)

Thank you for your comments. 

I'm sorry, but I don't have a clear plan yet.

really cool nice job . We’re you aware this actually happened ?

Thank you so much. You know an interesting article. I was not aware of this case.

how do i download this? im new at downloading games so i need like a tutorial please!

Thank you for your comment. This page may be helpful for you.

Hi, Developer. Thank you for commenting and updating my comments last time. English is a little difficult because I am Korean. So I translated as much as I could into Korean. Please send me an email in the comments.
Then I'll send you the translated version by mail.

Deleted 1 year ago

dude his post got delete some how he comment been 2 months?

The game is so much fun. But the difficulty level of the game is so hard that it's so hard to break. Make it a little easier, please.


Thanks for your comment.
I'll fix it as you suggest.


oh lord this looks awsome

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